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     My first whip, that I can recall, my dad made for me. It was a four plait latigo whip about four feet long with a wood handle he whittled into shape with his pocket knife. I would like to say I still have that whip but I'm afraid I wore it out completely. I was around five years old at the time and could ride a horse and rope just about anything that would stand still long enough. You see, my dad was a rodeo announcer so I pretty much cut my teeth in and around the arena.


  The next major whip influence in my life was "The Man From Snowy River".That's still my all time favorite movie. However, I'll never forget the first time I saw Han Solo, at least as I knew him, lashing out with that infamous David Morgan original in "Raiders Of The Lost Ark". I wanted one of those whips more than anything, but of course the '80's predated the internet and something like that was next to impossible to find. I have no idea how many cheap, poorly made whips I unplaited as a kid and tried to reconstruct as close to that whip as possible.  Growing up I never really considered a profession in whip making, but now I truly enjoy the simple reward of creating a methodically planned out masterpiece.  It literally has a therapeutic effect.  The only thing better is the challenge of the next new design.


 Welcome to Crease-N-Corral. Please feel free to browse through the menu and check out the selection of quality products. Whether it's a unique item Off The Shelf, a custom designed hat or a hand crafted whip that you've found here, it  has been welded, shaped or plaited by me, by hand, one at a time.


-Dusty Damrel  


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